OG Harvest in use

OG Harvest System

OG Harvest System is a plug-and-play solution that directly connects to your existing scale* and scans plant tags via RFID or Barcode. When you subscribe to the OG Harvest System you'll get a touchscreen display, tablet stand, a tag scanner, and the cables necessary to connect to the scale. The scanner reads the plant tag with 100% accuracy in a fraction of a second, with no manual typing or pen and paper required. The direct connection to the scale captures the exact weight instantaneously.

These features save significant amounts of time and eliminate human error.

*B.Y.O.S, use your existing scale

  • Integrate your existing scale with METRC, LeafLogix, and more! 

  • Saves 30 seconds per plant vs. manual data capture

  • Eliminates manual entry into compliance system/ERP

  • Prevents errors (such as inconsistent strain) instantly when the plant tag is scanned

  • Captures 100% accurate weights every time

  • Increases plant processing and throughput by cutting out the wasted time in manual data collection and input

  • No need to buy a new scale! The system integrates with many makes and models of scales

  • Datasheet Overview

  • All data fed into the Outlink Web Console

Realize savings over $1,100+ per month!